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29 January 2012 @ 02:01 pm
Ladies and Gentlemen - Welcome! I am happy you found your way to my F.A.Q. page.
As a costume artist I have to face new challenges and problems in costume making, accessory making and photo shootings every day. Sometimes I overcome these hurdles and sometimes I fail. When I'm at wit's end I'm grateful to have fellow cosplayers to ask for advice and help. To share the knowledge and experience I gained within seven years of costume making I prepared this post. I will try to add new information regularly.

To make this post easy to handle I divided it in two parts. The first part is called "General Questions" and contains questions and answers about my cosplay history, commissions, general advice about costume making, etc.
The second part which is called "Costume-Related Questions" contains F.A.Q.'s and answers about my costumes.

In case that you have a question this F.A.Q. post cannot answer, please don't hesitate to ask! You can contact me via e-mail. The address is aiguemarine-cosplay@gmx.de.

1.1. Do you make all costumes yourself?Collapse )
1.2. How did you learn to sew?Collapse )
1.3. How long have you been costuming?Collapse )
1.4. How long does it take you to finish a costume?Collapse )
1.5. Do you take commissions?Collapse )
1.6. Can you give me advice and/or tips when it comes to costume making?Collapse )
1.7. Can I use your images?Collapse )


2.1. Miss Martian (Young Justice)
a) Which body paint did you use for this costume? And how did you manage to make it look so even?Collapse )
b) Where did you buy the wig and the contact lenses?Collapse )

2.2. Batgirl (Batman)
a) How did you make the cowl?Collapse )
b) How did you make the suit?Collapse )
c) Where did you buy the wig and the contact lenses?Collapse )

2.3. Hungary (Axis Power Hetalia)
a) Which pattern did you use to make this costume?Collapse )
b) Where did you buy the wig?Collapse )
06 November 2010 @ 09:18 pm
Poll #1641423 Recently I was wondering...

... about what issues in my blog you like to read the most?

Baking and Cooking!
Cosplay and Conventions!
I would like to read stuff about YOU and your "REAL-LIFE"!
Something else! (Please Comment)
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28 July 2010 @ 09:40 pm
Being a cosplayer for approximately 5 years now a lot of stuff has piled up. Unforatunately my room is rather small and there're a lot of things - especially wigs - I don't need anymore. For that reason I decided to sell them. :3
Please take a look at my offers below. You can also find additional information on shipping, etc. there. Thank you!

WIG + COSPLAY SALE!!!Collapse )

Price of the Item + Shipping Costs = Total Sum

Shipping Costs (Germany):
- Short Wigs: 2,50€ / 4,00$
- Long Wigs: 3,00€ / 3,50$
Shipping Costs (All other countries):
- On Enquiry!

➡ I'll send the item as soon as I receive the money.

All prices are negotiable! If you're interested in one of my wigs, but not the owner of an account on LiveJournal feel free to contact me on:
- Animexx
- DeviantArt
or via e-mail: SinaVoss@gmx.de

This post will be updated regularly! :)
20 February 2010 @ 06:23 am
After getting up at 3:00 am in the morning and travelling to London Stanstead Airport in a terribly shaky car my brain feels like pudding and I feel nauseated. I'm looking forward to arriving in Germany... - there's finally someone waiting for me to carry all my incredibly heavy suitcases and bags. xD
By the way I had no problems checking in my main suitcase. It weight 27,8kg. I was so relieved.

Edit I'm currently spending my final coins on this super expensive internet access station. And there's still one hour left until my flight departs. Who talked me into leaving Streatham Common earlier due to the strikes of German airlines starting on Monday? *frowns at her dad*
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16 February 2010 @ 01:02 pm
➡ Sorry! I know that I'm not very reliable when I promise to post more often, but that's just due to the fact that everything around me keeps me very busy. And that's much better than just sitting in my room bored, isn't it?

➡ My internship at the fashion company SALONI is finally over. Even the last days were eventful including Johanna's birthday and the photoshooting for the lookbook of Saloni's autumn and winter collection 2010/2011. I'm now enjoying my last week here.
Last Thursday Johanna and I had dinner at Pizza Hut. On Friday we went to Goldhawk Road and Oxford Street and did some fabric and haberdashery shopping. The giant selection and great offers you have here are absolutely amazing. In case that anyone comes to London and is interested in buying fabric, haberdashery or simply pretty cool clothes just let me know and I'll give you the adress of some awesome shops I got to know here.
Afterwards we took the tube to Tower Hill Station where we had dinner at a very nice pub called The Liberty and ate the British national dish Fish & Chips. This evening we also participated in a guided tour about Jack the Ripper around Whitechapel and London Soho. Unfortunately it was not Dickie guiding us but Chris! xD

London, February 9th - February 16th 2010Collapse )

➡ On Saturday evening I met up with Kadda who works as an Au Pair here in London and lives in Streatham Hill which is only 5 minutes away from where I live. We went to the cinema to see Valentine's Day.
Yesterday I went to Oxford Street again to go shopping! I bought an aweful lot of stuff. Mostly clothes, but also some souvenirs. ;) nice_ichigo requested some kind of "Show us what you bought in London!" entry and I think I'll really post something like this in the upcoming next days.

➡ Due to the absolutely horrible weather conditions I decided to stay at home today. It's not raining outside, it's pouring. And it's pouring - or raining cats and dogs as the British say - since I got up at 8:00 am this morning. I'll use the day to organise everything about my return flight, the transfer to the airport and to write several experience reports and criticism the internship agencies asked me to do. Tonight I'll order Indian food from a fabulous restaurant around here! <3

EDIT: Coming up this week! Tomorrow I'll go to the center of London again where I'll take a look at a shopping mall near Camden Town Kadda recommended me. In addition I'll stroll around Artillery Road near Liverpool Street aka Diagon Alley. On Thursday Johanna comes back to London for one day and we'll visit the infamous London Dungeon. On Friday, the only day predicted to be at least a little sunny, I'll take a ride on the London Eye and visit the British Movie Museum which is next to the London Eye. My return flight departs on Saturday morning at 08:00 am.
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09 February 2010 @ 10:16 pm
➡ I can't believe my internship at SALONI ends tomorrow! It's absolutely incredible how quickly these 4 weeks passed by. In only 1 1/2 weeks I'll already be in Germany again and I have to admit that this thought appears almost a little weird to me at the moment.
Currently there's not so much to tell, I guess. Tomorrow we the photoshooting for the lookbook of Saloni's Autumn / Winter 2010 collection takes place around Battersea Park. I'm still waiting for her to text me the adress...

THIS TIME UNDER THE CUT: Exclusive photos of my workplace! :D

London, February 4th + February 5th 2010Collapse )

➡ The first thing after work I have to do tomorrow is to celebrate Johanna's belated birthday. We couldn't do that today due to the fact that we had to work late. Hmpf!
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03 February 2010 @ 10:05 pm
I finally found the time to write a proper LiveJournal entry! The last time I wrote something open and official concerning my time in London was about two weeks ago, so here we go...

➡ As the majority of you might know my internship at the fashion company Saloni started two weeks ago. I like it a lot. The company is much smaller than I expected, but that's not too bad. The team is very nice and international: The boss and designer of the company is Saloni herself. She's originally from India. The employee responsible for organisation and PR is called Sonja and from France. Daina, from Latvia, does the print design and Satsuki from Japan constructs the paper patterns for the clothes. And then there's also Johanna, the other intern from Nottingham in Great Britain. She's a cosplayer as well and we're getting along brilliantly.

➡ The work I have to do during my internship is very versatile. On the one hand the work consists of copying paper patterns, cutting out fabric and sewing toiles (= example pieces of the garements to check if the pattern is correctly done or if it contains faults) and also final pieces, but on the other hand it also includes delivery jobs, buying fabrics and haberdashery and getting coffee for everyone of course. All in all the internship never gets boring. Especially not at the moment and due to the fact that the Fashion Week Season starts in 1 1/2 weeks with the Fashion Week in New York.

➡ During the last weeks I've sewn a lot of different garements. A special t-shirt, a beautiful dress, three jackets, three t-shirt dresses, etc.. Today the shooting for a promotional video / movie took place in an extraordinarily beautiful house near Holland Park in which I also stumbled about three original artworks of Louise Bourgeois by accident.
It was very interesting to get to know the filmcrew, the make-up artist, the model Tijana and everybody else working on set. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final movie, because nearly all clothes the model wore during the scenes they shot are made by Johanna and me!! :D I'm really proud.

London, January 18th - February 3rd 2010 [+17]Collapse )

➡ By the way I have an university place now! :D On March 15th I'll start to study Advertising and Market Communikation at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart!!
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29 January 2010 @ 10:36 pm
I'm really sorry for not updating this blog more regularly, but my current internship at the fashion label Saloni keeps me very busy!
I promise to write a proper entry with a lot of information and photos on Sunday due to the fact that I have to work tomorrow to finish a jacket for a film- and photoshooting on Monday. :3
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17 January 2010 @ 03:19 pm
Due to the fact that I've become very lazy these days this will be a main picture and photo post. In case that someone is interested in what I'm currently doing feel free to ask me in a comment.

London, January 10th - January 17th 2010 [+15]Collapse )

➡ Today I vacuum-cleaned my room, cleaned my bathroom, changed the bed sheets and ironed my clothes. For dinner I'll prepare the "Schwäbische Flädlessuppe" I got from la_schuschu and mrsspock89. ♥ In addition I'm afraid I'm getting ill. D:

➡ By the way I totally forgot to mention that I went to see a musical last Tuesday!

As you cen see I went to see Legally Blonde - The Musical in Savoy Theatre and it was absolutely gorgeous! The music and the actors were amazing and the audience's mood was brilliant too!! I've never seen people freaking out about what's going on on stage to such an extent! They even had Elle Wood's famous little chihuahua Bruiser on stage! Aww..! As I already mentioned in one of my FaceBook messages the musical was absolutely worth its price. I'll definitely try to get tickets for another musical like The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked! or Hairspray soon. Compared to German theatres the prices, especially the prices for very good seats, are reasonable.
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